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  • Regular Quality Ruby ( MANIK ) Gemstone  Price Starts from Rs 800 per Carat onwards.
  • Fine Quality Ruby ( MANIK ) Gemstone  Price Starts from Rs 1200 per Carat onwards.
  • Super Fine Quality Burma Ruby ( MANIK ) Gemstones Price Starts from Rs 2000 per Carat onwards.



Ruby Gemstone  How to Wear Procedure Mumbai gemstone DealerRUBY MANIK GEMSTONE HOW TO WEAR PROCEDURE
• The weight of the  Ruby ( MANIK ) gemstone should be at  least more than 4 Carats
• It should be studded in Gold or panch Dhatu Ring only.
• It should be worn in the Ring Finger of the Right hand .

  • On Sunday Morning ,
  •  Put this ring with a Cup with a mixture of 1 spoon curd , 1 spoon Honey , 2 Spoons Milk , Spoon Sugar , Spoon Ghee.
  • They do your regular Morning Prayers.
  • After your Regular Prayers, Take this Ring out of the Above Mixture and wash it with Water or Ganga Jal .
  • Then Recite this Mantra: " Om Hrim Sum Suryaya Namah"  108 times after wearing the Gemstone.
  • This Ring is to be worn on a Sunday at Sunrise.
  • Also on this day the wearer should donate money/ Wheat / Jaggery to a Brahamin or a poor people.


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